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Previous Work

I have a knack for finding and crafting stories that make people listen. Over the past decade, I have helped clients refine their core messaging, develop compelling written collateral, secure hits in the most prestigious outlets in the country, and advance their long-term goals.

Mississippi Center for Justice

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MCJ is a small organization with an outsized impact. They help people fight against the most grave injustices in Mississippi -- including predatory payday loans, unethical eviction rules, civil rights abuses, inaccessible health care, and corrupt legal practices.  

While MCJ had plenty of stories to tell, the organization's work wasn't widely recognized. I knew that had to change. With my team, I shaped MCJ's core stories and messages into persuasive thought leadership pieces, powerful social media posts, and compelling pitches to reporters. That led to a massive surge in media coverage, including hits in the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Associated Press, the Hill, NPR, Fortune, TIME, and Salon. With this boost, MCJ is now a go-to source for many of the most pressing injustices facing our country. 

I also served as a project manager for MCJ's major fundraisers, including two annual events that generated six-figure revenue. I coordinated the attendance of members of Congress and other prominent spokespeople, managed vendors, produced donor correspondence, and more. 

Union Theological Seminary

Union is a globally recognized graduate school of theology devoted to putting faith into practice for the common good. To elevate their progressive, religious voice, Union hoped to increase their presence in national media. 

I was thrilled to assist. I helped identify issues in which Union could offer a unique opinion -- including the rise of the religious left in politics, religious extremism, LGBTQ+ rights, and the right to choose. With these topics as a foundation, I secured a major piece in Politico, a feature story on NBC LX, and appearances on women's rights podcasts -- plus hits in the New York Times, USA Today, Salon, Inside Higher Ed, and others. I also coordinated a series of virtual events with Congressmembers to elevate Union's messaging on these hot-button issues. 

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We Must Count

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At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a coalition of health experts, civil rights organizations, and elected leaders came together to call for comprehensive racial and gender data on the impacts of the health crisis. 

The campaign demanded quick, urgent action. I was eager to jump in. I helped develop & refine core messaging, establish a communications strategy, and coordinate media outreach for the launch and months thereafter. Within hours of the launch, I secured hits in Politico and USA Today. In the months following, I helped manage the coalition, determine future courses of action, and respond to timely news events. We kept up a steady stream of coverage, including hits in Scientific American, the American Prospect, the Hill, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, BET, ABC News, and STAT News. 

My Own Thought Leadership

I adamantly believe that words have the potential to drive progress in the world. As such, I've penned my own op-eds on several issues I am passionate about. In 2021, I had the honor of being published in the Washington Post for my piece advocating for DC statehood. It's a clever, witty take on why DC's hundreds of thousands of residents deserve full representation in Congress. A few months prior, I also wrote a piece in Common Dreams outlining the dangers of climate disinformation and demanding a swift transition to renewable energy. 

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